Solar Eclipse 2019 Today: India Time, Everything You Need to Know


Two years after the ‘Great American Eclipse’, a total solar eclipse is set to grace the skies once again. On Tuesday, July 2, it will be visible across parts of South America and the South Pacific. Skywatchers will be able to witness the solar eclipse 2019 in parts of Chile and Argentina. But you don’t have to travel all the way to enjoy the total solar eclipse. There are a number of ways you can watch it safely from the comfort of your home or office in India or around the world. This will be the only total solar eclipse of 2019.

What is a total solar eclipse?
A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, blocking the light of the Sun from passing through while causing a shadow to appear on the Earth’s surface. A total solar eclipse involves complete blockage of the Sun’s light and can be seen only from a specific area on the earth’s surface that lies on the path of totality.

During the 2019 total solar eclipse, the Moon will be casting a dark shadow that will be visible over some parts of Argentina and Chile. Nearby countries will be able to view a partial eclipse only.

Where will the 2019 total solar eclipse be visible?
The path of totality for the 2019 total solar eclipse is a 200km wide strip of land near La Serena, Chile that ends south of Buenos Aires, Argentina, according to A partial eclipse will be visible in neighbouring countries including Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, and Brazil. Unfortunately, the solar eclipse won’t be visible in India.

During the total solar eclipse, the sky will be dark enough for skywatchers to enjoy a glimpse at various planets and stars that are normally invisible from the Southern Hemisphere.

What time will the total solar eclipse 2019 occur?
The partial solar eclipse is set to start at 12:55pm EDT (around 10:25pm India time), whereas the total solar eclipse will begin at around 06:24pm GMT (around 11:54pm India time). Before reaching South America, the 2019 total solar eclipse will strike a bunch of remote islands in the Pacific Ocean. Oeono Island will witness the total solar eclipse for around 2 minutes and 53 seconds.

How to watch the 2019 solar eclipse online from anywhere in the world?
You don’t have to travel all the way to South America to witness the 2019 total solar eclipse. There are a number of ways you can safely enjoy the eclipse from anywhere in the world. The Exploratorium museum at San Francisco will stream the solar eclipse 2019 live all the way from the National Science Foundation’s Cerro Tololo Observatory in Chile. The live stream will kick off at 12:23pm PST (12:53am India time). The museum also has a dedicated app for the total solar eclipse on iOS and Android.

The European Southern Observatory will also broadcast the 2019 total solar eclipse live from the La Silla Observatory in Chile. Their live stream will begin at 12:15pm PST (12:45am IST).

The date for the next total solar eclipse is December 14, 2020, and it will pass over Chile and parts of Argentina. The next total solar eclipse in the US will be visible on April 8, 2024.

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